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Affectionately known as Mo to many, Mohammad Rahebi is a Master Stylist, Colorist, Cutter, Trainer, Platform Artist, Hair Extentionist, Brazillian Treatment Expert and Trendsetter. When it comes to the most important events in their professional and personal lives people seek him out. 


Mo trained in London at Vidal Sassoon and quickly worked his magic for red carpet events, TV shows, magazine editorial, concert tours, private weddings, International shows and photo shoots.  He has been published in every major hair magazine and you can see his work on all social media.


But you do not need to be a celebrity to get the celebrity treatment.  Once you have the pleasure of sitting in his chair, you never leave.  His warm, caring and loving personality coupled with his gifted talent, just keep you in his care.  He always finds a way to service his clientele and welcome in new clients. After working in Beverly Hills for seven years, Mo Joined the Vito Esposito Team and is on his way to becoming a partner with Vitha Hair Cult International.

Mo's personal colorist Tawine has been working side by side with him for 20 years. His clients have grown to trust her as much as they trust him. 

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