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I Know Your Secret... You Are A Star. This is the approach that Inna Race takes while working with her clients.

Inna has created a series of glamorous and fantasy makeover projects in New York City, including campaigns for CLARINS, Uomo Moderno, and Brindiamo TV. However, her work esthetics goes above and beyond: She aims to make clients look natural and feel like themselves while helping them become the most beautiful they want to be, any day, any place, any occasion.

Born in Minsk, Belarus, the homeland of Marc Chagall, Inna Race has been studying composition, color, drawing, painting, and sculpture with some of Europe’s best art professors. Upon graduating from the prestigious Belarusian Academy of Arts in Minsk with a Master’s Degree in Arts and Mass Media, Inna has cemented her reputation by working as Creative Director for multiple projects, which included creating images for celebrities and outstanding marketing campaigns for corporations. Her vast experience with TV, radio, and other mass media contributed to her recognition among her European clients.

Inna Race immigrated to America in 1996. Starting her career afresh in Philadelphia, Inna shone with her unique ability to pre-visualize and talent for transformations in creating Art. As an author of the Avant-Garde Art Projects, Inna had a number of acclaimed art shows in Philadelphia.

Her start as a stylist and make-up artist paved the way for a Personal Image Consulting business, which gained recognition on the East Coast as the Makeover Contest Award Winning Services. Inna’s work has subsequently been internationally recognized. Her dedication to precision and a focus on helping clients express individual beauty has led to a series of well-deserved accolades. Her work has been published in numerous Art and Fashion Magazines, International Hair Design Book (Passion). One of the highest honors is the Best Hair Award in Makeover Contest by Tiffany & Co and the Philadelphia Style Magazine.

Her unforgettable free-spirited energy, along with the love she has for her work and clients, makes her one of the most interesting partners to work with.

After relocating to Los Angeles, Inna joined the Vito Esposito Salon team in Beverly Hills and is looking forward to bring not only her experience of hairstyling and coloring but also special new addition: a formal and permanent make-up application to the services of Vito Esposito’s ultra-premium brand, which is well-known for its high professionalism and for using Vitha Hair Cult, the top-quality products on the market.

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