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Davide Salomone lives to create beauty.


Born in Italy to a multi-generational family of hairdressers, Salomone’s passion for the industry runs through his veins - and is evident in his work.


Salomone completed his formal training in Naples, Italy and continued his education internationally through mentors Vidal Sassoon, Trevor Sorbie, and Anthony Mascolo.

His commitment to innovation and creativity have certified him a master of the industry.  Not only through the American Beauty Association but also as a member of Vitha Hair Cult’s international team of experts.


Salomone's work has been celebrated at events throughout Europe, including Milan Fashion Week and Moda Mare Capri. He has also styled for a slew of international television shows as well as editorial photoshoots for such brands as North Pole and Paris Hilton.


Most recently, in 2016, Salomone took his talents to Beverly Hills. At Vito Esposito Salon, Salomone has been integral in creating standards for the kind of five-star service that caters to Hollywood’s elite. A master colorist, Salomone specializes in “Infusion De Colour,” a unique dye technique that requires precise attention to detail and color knowledge. Salomone is also known for his precision artistry when it comes to cutting hair, taking the time to get to know the client and assess not only the technical details like face shape and hair type but also personal sense of style.


But it is not talent alone that has taken Salomone to the top of the business. Salomone’s charm, calm demeanor, and natural ability to read the client have proven invaluable in serving those with high expectations, particular preferences, and even special needs for privacy or discretion.


Davide also takes pride in using the highest quality products on the market. Both inside and outside of the salon, he works exclusively with Italian hair product line Vitha Hair Cult, which leads the world in premium natural hair care and color innovation. As an international ambassador for the company, Salomone travels the globe educating others on nature’s finest ingredients and how they can further the latest in hair care technology.


In the heart of Beverly Hills, Salomone has styled celebrities, royalty, and the entertainment industry’s finest—everywhere from private homes to backstage at The Oscars, Golden Globes and other red carpet events. But Salomone makes everyone feel special. Though his skills and talent have brought him many clients, his warm spirit and Italian charm keep them coming back again and again.

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