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This image shows Vito Esposito himself styling the hair of a client with a short blonde bob.
A full shot of Vito Esposito Salon, with espresso brown beauty stations on the left and right, accented with white chairs. The room is rectangular with abstract red, yellow, and white art on the back wall facing the front and the left-back wall.

our philosophy

Vito Esposito Salon focuses on the importance of offering an elite oasis. Our objective is to cater to all clientele by offering superior, five-star services. Our unique approach is dedicated to sourcing advanced top-level talent from around the world.  Ensuring that the results provided are customized to each client at the optimal level.  We bring the world’s latest science in natural hair care products to our clients.  Always striving for customer service, Vito Esposito Salon creates a luxurious, zen environment that instills a soothing and relaxing experience.



Vito Esposito Salon

9422 Dayton Way

Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Tue - Sat:   9:00am - 6:00pm

Sundays:    By Appointment Only

Mondays:   By Appointment Only



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